Hey People! Listen to what I say!
In the chill of the night, in the light of Day.
Are you feeling sad, so down and blue?
I´ll tell you what is good for you
People listen to what I say: – Rock and Roll is here to stay!
If you got money or you got none
If you got friends or you´re alone
Here! There! Everywhere!
Just do your thing like you don´t care
People listen to what I say: – Rock and Roll is here to stay!
You´re posseced to the core
Polishing all the dancing floor
Cause you Love the stuff, can´t get enough
That´s why you always beg for more



In my position, a man on a mission
The sun is shinning up above
Fighting to remain steady
Frightened but ready to drop my gun and declare love

You’re such a vision on a route to collision
It is too late, there’s no return
Among a friendly fire I throw away my desire
Such a beautiful fire, let it burn

I got no plans but I have lots of fun
Masterful fingers and a loaded gun
Besides that there’s my skills to fight
Which I can use on you all through the night

Got something to tell you and I guess know
My heart is a time bomb, it’s ready to blow
I have this hard decision, should I stay or go
Cause for a reason in heaven I’ll have to pay with my soul

Walking around I didn’t mind the gap
And suddenly I felt in my own trap
There’s just one way out but the price is high
A million tears to cry



Run, run, run, run, run, run, run, run…
Go! Go! Here we go!
It’s time to ride, let’s hit the Road
We know what we’re fighting for
Let’s kick some ass and ask for more
We got the Power, we got soul
We got no fear of what we don’t know
From side to side, from town to town
We’re always ready to mess around

No matter what, no matter how
Nothing can stop us now

Listen! We just begun to rock
Let the good times roll around the clock
Shake it all over at the hop
Hey ho let’s GO GO Blitzgriegbop
We have to play that’s why we run
We have to kill with the Guitar-Gun
And that’s the Phantom Powers way
And no matter what the people say

No matter what, no matter how
Nothing can stop us now



How can we fix a broken heart
Even a steady castle could fall apart
What used to be joy, today is pain
Even a true love just can´t sustain…
Suddenly a small crack became a hole
And when the things go out of control
We try to make up again and again and again
But things remain the same
Hey Babe, I have to move along, no matter how hard that may seem
From now on I see you in my dreams
I swear I’m sorry, I got to go
Could be an error, it´s hard to know
But what I know is that I can’t stand it anymore
Not one of us will change and that i just can´t ignore
The fact there´s life outside and I´m not dead
The fact that I´m too tired to feel angry and sad
Walking through this old way carrying heavy loads
To find new places you should walk through new roads



It´s such a good, good night, I´m feeling not bad at all
I´m ready to answer…answer the Mother Nature´s Call
There´s a full-moon in the sky, there´s a werewolf in my soul
Howling, howling of hungriness /And I don´t think I can control/ 2x

I cannot hide! There´s a crack in the wall!
I can´t denied …The Mother Nature´s Call

It´s such a good, good night, Hey baby, let’s have a ball
Pick up the phone , You´re not alone. Hell yeah! Freak out!
Come´ on, take your wildest dream and bring it to reality
Maybe you´ll need some help / You know that you can count on me/ 2x

You cannot hide! There´s a crack in the wall!
You can´t denied …The Mother Nature´s Call



I´ve felt shivers in my back bone

When I´ve heard you on the phone
Asking me If I´m free today
Seem´s today it´s gonna be the Day
Cos´it´s driven by the Devil running through the Evil Way
Baby when I´ve heard your moan
Whispering that you´re alone
Seem´s I got a game to play
Baby I got needles to say
Cos´it´s driven by the Devil running through the Evil Way
You call me and here I am
Baby I am your Back Door Man
Seem´s I´ll lose my soul today
But I got an eternity in Hell to pay

Cos´it´s driven by the Devil running through the Evil Way



I have some trouble when I´m kicking
And when it rains it´s hard to walk
I´m taking pills for my bursitis
My mouth is dry, it´s hard to talk
And when I cof there´s blood in my hand
Tuberculosis… I suppose
During the night I barely sleeping
Because that problem up my nose

But I´m going´ on…

At the hospital of the city
Everyone call me by my name
Most of the time I am so lonely
I have no one but god to blame
But if I´m sad, I have a whiskey
Two aspirins for my headache
My twisted spine it´s make me suffer
I think it is about to break

But I´m goin´ on…

Rolling Stones playing at my kidneys
And I feel dizzy when I sneeze
When the police is on my back
I cannot run because my knees
Last month I haven´t paid the light bill
That´s why the heather brings no heat
Also that´s why my innards not working
Because I need a warm place to shit